Design into Dev

From a maker point of view

About me first

I am currently operating at Deloitte as a Senior SAP Consultant. I am amazed by how technologies help your living and make it more comfortable and accessible. Trying to follow and track every innovation source, I'm leveraging my knowledge daily to improve my skills, hoping to go further / faster (occasionally both).

Here is my new place, where I plan to build great things to share and keep challenging myself.



Design is the first step in product delivery.

Modularity is a must. When done right, it makes the app change friendly. An entire redesign is no longer required, and only the impacted scope gets back to a design phase to fill the gaps better.

The two main skills & requirement being :

I. Knowing your tools.

Be aware of its bests practices, the existing built products and its innovation roadmap.

II. Understanding your client.

It can take a significant amount of time, a lot of consideration and empathy. Still, with patience, it should lead you to an unambiguous success.

Development & Delivery


Once your idea is in good shape and well structured. Making it is like assembling an IKEA's furniture.

  • First, ensure each step is part has its dependencies identified and find a path, a process through this construction.
  • Then, add schedules and follow up meetings to track your day to day status.
  • Delivery

    Follow the defined planning, document each step and its related configuration. In case of blocking points, or friction in features use with other projects, have a meeting with the client to keep him informed. By maintaining open communication with the client, agility becomes more natural. Agility and weekly meetings ensure the client's understanding of the context, tools capabilities and prevent daily specification change.

    In the end, have a clearly defined delivery process is key to ensure a better promoter score, an effortless way out for your teams and a smooth adoption by your client.

    Agreement & Conclusion